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Friday, February 6, 2015

Food & Beverage Workshop @ Camosun College, Sat., April 11/15

I'm offering another one day workshop on Food & Beverage Photography at Camosun College, Lansdowne Campus in Victoria, B.C., Saturday, April 11.
 To register go online at or call 250.370.3550
This course seems to not be just for people with special interests in either food or photography, but clearly those interests help. I thought my previous class might fill up with the kind of people we all see taking photographs of the lunch with their phones. But that was certainly not the limit of the type of foodie/photographer that came to the workshop.
Food is pretty much a universal interest........understatement.......but it can definitely be the catalyst of many other interests and enjoyments. And photography now seems to be a likely addition.
This is pretty much a fun class where everyone can come away with some skills to add to their everyday routines. Participants don't need to be accomplished photographers or chefs. It helps if they have a reasonable understanding of how their camera works. But the tools can be pretty basic.

I've designed this class so what we do can be replicated in peoples own kitchens, or in a restaurant, or at a dinner party. I demonstrate how available (sun) light coming in a window can be adequate with a few extra gadgets to embellish. If students own a portable flash (speedlight) it can broaden their opportunities.
We will discuss lights & lighting, tools, composition, props, backgrounds, styling, texture, form and plenty of easy to understand but valuable elements to utilize towards creative and fun images from your kitchen table.
From no experience to a working understanding of photography, everyone is welcome.

In my last class I had Carmen from Charelli's Deli  along to learn and she generously contributed a wonderful spread of sandwiches, a cheese platter and drinks for the entire class. I'm looking to arrange that again for this upcoming session. If you're in Victoria you likely know of Charelli's on Foul Bay Road. They are THE destination in town for imported and specialty cheeses and deli items. A tiny little shop jammed with tastes to make you need to return. Carmen has now taken what she learned in my workshop and has created her own studio space in her stock area for photographing products for her web site.                  
That's putting the class to good use. And you can too, for your own needs.   

To register go online at or call 250.370.3550

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