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Friday, February 6, 2015

Studio Lighting Workshop for the Victoria Camera Club, March 15 & 22/15

  I am working with the Victoria Camera Club to demonstrate lighting techniques in the studio using models, both figurative and possibly, sorta fashion.        

      The Victoria Camera Club is an exceptionally active and progressive group.    They have strong and effective educational programs for members, presented by members in a broad range of subjects and interests.Their weekly casual & social 'walk-about' explorations on the street, along with an exploration of a different local eatery, cultivate the social aspect of the club.                  Their monthly competitions encourage members to challenge themselves technically and creatively and strive for broader skills. They also have an annual international competition with a club from Eastwood, Scotland that provides a useful challenge and comparative perspective.

I will be presenting a two day Studio lighting Workshop, March 15 & 22 in Victoria, B.C.,  giving each participant the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced model, who will also assist them in posing and direction. There will be two separate studio set-ups with strobes and backgrounds and I will be hovering nearby to assist, direct, suggest, correct (?) as each participant feels they are wanting.  

This club  has Special Interest Groups (SIG) in areas such as Photo shop and  Lightroom,  and within recent years have introduced a studio lighting SIG.  
 Club member Barbara Burns  ( )  was instrumental in encouraging and making shooting in the studio available, primarily with professional dancers. For a group that had taken available lighting shooting to the limit, they began exploring both using lighting tools that were not prevalent with them previously and the subject of beauty, fashion, dance, movement, etc. It was a large, positive leap forward that broadened the groups skill sets.

Shooting figurative subjects was virtually unknown with this club, so I felt offering this could be a bit of a risk. But the participants who voiced their preference when signing up all wanted the opportunity to try this new (for them) subject. With the human form being the longest used and most common theme in art forms of all kinds, this will provide the club with a classical and contemporary subject.

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